How To: Make Indian tomato cut salan

Make Indian tomato cut salan

Sanjay Kummah takes us through the process of making Tomato Cut Salan.

# Cut the top off the tomatoes
# Cook them adding curry leaves, mustard seeds and chopped onions.
# Cook to golden color.
# Add paste of tomatoes and green chilies.
# Add coconut and coriander powders and sesame seed powders to taste.
# Once masala is cooked, cook to taste to allow it to thicken.
# Then, take tomatoes and add the gravy. Do not MIX the tomatoes because you want to serve it as whole tomatoes.
# After 5-6 minutes they should be ready to go. Do NOT overcook -- should be easy to break, but not collapse.

One of the most delicious tomato dishes you will ever have.

Goes well with pulao and biryanis. Our chef tries it at the end and gives his stamp of approval.

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