How To: Seed and dice a tomato

Seed and dice a tomato

Tired of wet and sloppy salsa full of watery tomato seeds? Learn how to remove the seeds and dice a tomato quickly and easily.
So first what you're going to do is cut the flesh off of the tomato in kind of a "c" shape, leaving the seed ball in the center. Make sure to use a sharp, serrated knife. Discard the seed ball and be sure to remove any additional seeds from the tomato "petals."
If you have any seeds that are left on the tomato, you can just push those out. When you're ready, place a piece of tomato in the center and slice lengthwise to make strips. Then you're going to take those strips, turn them, and cut them again to make cubes. Repeat with each tomato "petal." Place finished tomato aside until ready to use.

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