How To: Cut a Bell Pepper into Strips and Dice It into Cubes

Cut a Bell Pepper into Strips and Dice It into Cubes

Can we get enough of bell peppers? We think not. Satisfying on their own and offering a slightly sweet, crunchy texture when tossed with other foods, bell peppers are one of those rare foods which are both delicious and healthy.

If you'd like to learn all the ways you can cut a bell pepper, check out this food video for the details. From creating stripes for crudites to dicing into cubes for salads or stir frys, this video covers it all.

Bell peppers are in season right about... now. They're great raw on their own, cooked rapidly in stir fries, or cooked down slowly for stews and soups. Each cooking method requires a different shape, and with a vegetable as oddly shaped as a pepper, it's not always obvious how to cut it uniformly. This short video should help.

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