Forum Thread: How to Mild-Cured Cucumbers

Summer is the time of picnics and various preserves are being made for winter, so I decided to use this recipe that belonged to my grandmother and treat my friends with mild-cured cucumbers.


2 kilogram cucumber
2 garlic young
3 tablespoon ground black pepper
3 tablespoon salt
2 liter water
2 horseradish leavesto
taste dill inflorescence

Step 1: Wash the Cucumbers and Leave Them in the Water for 2-3 Hours. This Must Be Done, as This Way the Cucumbers Will Remain Crispy and Hard. While the Cucumbers Are Being Soaked, Prepare a Dish for Curing. I Used a Common Jar with a 3 Liter Capacity, However You Can Also Use a Ceramic Dish or an Enamel Saucepan.

Step 2: Place a Horseradish Leaf and a Dill Inflorescence (You Can Take 2 or 3 for a Dish with Such a Capacity) On the Bottom of the Jar, Then Add the Cucumbers and Garlic Cloves Among Them.

Step 3: Prepare the Brine - Mix Salt and Ground Pepper in a Separate Dish, Then Cover the Mix Boiling Water, but Do Not Boil the Mixture.Thoroughly Mix with a Tablespoon Until the Salt Is Completely Dissolved. Leave the Brine to Cool Down a Bit.

Step 4: When the Brine Is Warm, Carefully Pour It into the Jar with the Cucumbers. Then Cover with a Lid and Leave for 1-2 Days.the Prepared Cucumbers Should Be Stored in the Fridge and if You're Going on a Picnic with Your Friends, Place Them into a Plastic Container with a Lid.

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