Forum Thread: How to Make Glazed Carrots

Hay there!

This one is really nice as a side dish for any Christmas meal! We hope you enjoy this video :)) And a Merry Christmas to you all! Cheerio!


* 1 (Or More) Big Carrot (€0.18~$0.22 for 150 Grams)
* a Fair Amount of Butter (€1,60~$2,10 for 500g)
* Cayenne Pepper (€0.99~$1.3 Per Pot of 6 Gr.)
* Thyme (€0.99~$1.3 Per Pot of 6 Gr.)
* Salt
* Pepper

== RECIPE ==

  1. Cut the Carrot in Even Strips
  2. Put a Fair Amount of Butter in a Preheated Pan
  3. When the Butter Has Melted, Add the Carrots
  4. Let Them Fry for About 4 Minutes and Turn the Heat to Medium Low
  5. Season with Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Salt and the Mand Give Them a Good Stirr
  6. Let Them Fry/Simmer for Another 6 Minutes, Make Sure to Stirr Them Up for Time to Time
  7. After That, They're Done!

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