How To: Make a vegan tamale pie

Make a vegan tamale pie

Jason Gaskins, Executive Chef with Roots Restaurant, and James Ehrlich with Hippy Gourmet demonstrate how to make a vegan tamale pie. First, dice an onion and add it to a pan of hot oil. Then, dice a tomato. Add de-skinned, freshly stewed tomatoes to the onion. Add roasted pepper and the fresh tomato to the pan. Next, add black trumpet mushroom or a mushroom of your choosing to the pan. Stir in fresh garlic, pepper, salt, paprika, cayenne pepper and cumin. Dice up cornbread and place it on an oven proof dish. Add the tamale mixture to the top of the cornbread. Add cornbread to the top. As a non-vegan variation, add cheese to the top. Place cilantro as a garnish to complete the dish.

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