How To: Make spaghetti squash on a budget

Make spaghetti squash on a budget

In this quick 2½-minute video Sean and Cathy are making spaghetti squash into a vegetarian dish with a hint of Italian. This a great video for you health cautions diners, it is also great for anyone on a budget looking to make a unique and simply delectable dish for you and your guest to enjoy.

How to:
First you need to get into the squash. It can be difficult to get into at the start but once you're in it's all good. An easy way to bust through is to take your knife and hit your squash and then just work your knife into it. Once you've cut it in half, clear out any seeds from the middle. Place it upside down in a glass dish and add some water. Cover that dish and then microwave for 8 minutes. There are also instructions right on the squash for you to follow as well. While that is cooking you can make your marinara sauce. Start with some olive oil and sauté some fresh mushrooms - just slice them up. Then for a bit of a kick add banana peppers and some calamata olives. Mix up those ingredients and then add Paul Newman's Roasted Garlic and Pepper Red Sauce. You can even throw in some fresh basil. Now you've got yourself some homemade sauce. Your squash should be ready and cooked by this time. Take a fork and pull the squash right off the skin. It looks sort-of like spaghetti. Pile some of that cooked spaghetti squash on to a plate, add your sauce and top with parmesan cheese. Yummy!

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