How To: Make spaghetti squash for beginners

Make spaghetti squash for beginners

This video shows you how to make spaghetti squash. When cooked properly, the squash will separate into spaghetti like strands. If the squash has a cooking instructions label, just ignore it. Cooking it upside down in water tends to leach out the flavors. Cut the squash in half long ways and scrape out the seeds in the center. Use heavy duty foil and wrap it up completely. Heat your oven to 375 and place your squash on a sheet pan. Roast it for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes depending on the size of the squash. You will know it is done when it is fork tender. Let it cool upside down until it is cool enough to handle. To prep it, take your fork and scrape it away from the skin. Now it is ready to dress. A simple dressing is a little olive oil, black pepper, a little sea salt, and grated parmesan. This is a great base dish for chicken, pork, or fish.

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