How To: Make refried beans

Make refried beans

Re-fried beans is a good recipe to put on tacos it's a great inexpedience to put in Mexican dinner dish. You could have enchiladas with beans in them.

. First you will need two sixteen ounce cans of refried beans, one table spoon of oil, I chopped medium onion, green chillies, one table spoon taco seasoning, salt and lemon juice.
. You will need a medium size skillet on medium heat with the oil in it, add the onions to the skillet, next add green chillies to the mix, let them cook until they are brown.
. Next you will add your taco seasoning and stir it in to the mix, also add one fourth cup of warm water so the mix will not Bern. After you mix then add the beans.
. Mix the beans in with the other ingredients lastly you will add the salt and lemon juice.

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