How To: Cook okra with tomato sauce

Cook okra with tomato sauce

Watch this how to video to learn how to make a delicious okra stew.

For this recipe you will need:
One pound frozen or fresh okra
Cooking oil
One diced onion
Minced garlic
2-3 diced fresh or canned tomatoes
Tomato paste or sauce
Salt and black pepper to taste

Begin by sauteing the onions and garlic in oil
until the garlic turns a golden color. Add the okra and saute it until it is soft, this takes few minutes if the okra is frozen and may take longer if it is fresh. Some people deep fry the fresh okra before cooking it. Add fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce or paste and stir around for few minutes. Add water if needed and salt and black pepper to taste. Boil at first then lower the heat and let simmer until the tomatoes and the okra are cooked. This might take around 35-45 minutes. Serve hot with rice on the side.

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