How To: Make ham cheese & pineapple double stuffed potato skin

Make ham cheese & pineapple double stuffed potato skin

For an easy one pot dish, try double stuffed potatoes. This recipe uses ham, cheese and pineapple. Begin with preparing the potatoes, using three large which will make six servings. Pierce potatoes all over with a fork and put on a baking tray. Spray with the oil of your choice and season lightly with salt. Cook for one hour at 375 degrees or until crispy outside and soft inside. Slice in half lengthwise, scoop potato out and mash in bowl along with margarine. Add diced, shaved ham or bacon and pineapple. Return mixture to potatoes and top each with grated cheese. Return to oven and bake approximately fifteen minutes or until cheese is melted and browned. Mixed herbs can be sprinkled on top for garnish.

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This did not taste very good. I tried it again and left out the pineapple and replaced that with some diced green peppers and it was much better.

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