How To: Make garlic mashed potatoes like a chef

Make garlic mashed potatoes like a chef

Garlic mashed potatoes are a delicious side that pairs well with seafood, poultry or beef. Chef Jason Hill shows you how to make a garlic mashed potato recipe that you're sure to enjoy.

Ingredients are 2 potatoes, two cups of cream which is low in fat, 1 whole stick of butter which is 8 tablespoons, half a cup of fresh cheese, and 2 pieces of garlic. Cut the potatoes in even pieces and boil them in a water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, put the butter in a pan and melt it. Add 2 pieces of garlic and you can also add cream and heat them together. Then take the boiled potatoes and mash them well and add them to the boiled cream, add cheese, and add salt and pepper for taste.

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