How To: Make traditional sauer kraut

Make traditional sauer kraut

From VidVend we learn, in this video, how to make a traditional old style German sauerkraut. The first step, and this is the most fundamental thing with sauerkraut we are told, is to salt your cabbage. Then, with your salt and cabbage mixed into a large bowl, you must compress it, in this instance this is done by putting a plate over top the cabbage, and then adding a weight on top of that. After a few hours, the cabbage is then rinsed, and cooked for 45 minutes with white pepper, juniper berries, and bay leaves and wine. From there, you may cook a variety of things to accompany your sauerkraut, including onions and various meats. Adding the sauerkraut to it, along with more wine, you have a very traditional and simple dish. This video will have you making a perfect classic sauerkraut.

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