How To: Trim artichokes

Trim artichokes

Ian Knauer, a food editor at Gourmet and Test Kitchen demonstrate how to trim artichokes. First, remove the inedible leaves towards the base of the artichoke by peeling them off or snapping them off. Once the leaves are peeled off you'll see pale green and yellow leaves. Next, trim up the stem by taking a paring knife and cutting off the bottom. Peel off the stem around the fibrous core. Then, cut off the green pieces by the base of the artichoke. Curve your knife when you make the cut to save as much of the artichoke meat as possible. Artichokes oxidize and turn brown quickly so roll them in a bowl of water with a lemon in it to prevent this from happening. With a serrated knife, cut a third of the top off because those parts of the leaves are inedible. Spoon out the hairy choke. Dip the artichoke in the lemon water to complete the preparation.

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