How To: Steam cook broccoli

Steam cook broccoli

Steamed broccoli is an easy vegetable to prepare. Thoroughly wash the broccoli. Cut off the florets. You will be able to see where to cut as they are attached to little stems. Take the florets are break apart so you have smaller pieces. You will need a pan or skillet, which has a lid. Put the small florets into the pan or skillet. Broccoli should only be one layer. Add just enough water to cover the bottom. Cover your skillet or pan and cook on high. Once the water starts boiling, turn the broccoli and cook until it is dark green. Do not overcook the broccoli, just soften it up. When broccoli is done, take to the sink and drain. Stir in some butter, salt and pepper your steamed broccoli and you are ready to serve. If you don't like plain broccoli, there are many sauces your can prepare to pour over this vegetable.

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