How To: Pickle cabbage

Pickle cabbage

A clear and easy method of making the traditional and healthy Russian food pickled cabbage is displayed in this video. Our chef begins by highlighting the nutritional values of the food, then goes on to detail the type of cabbage suitable for the dish. The chef then demonstrates how to correctly slice the cabbage with both a standard kitchen knife and a slicer, and then garnishes the cabbage with sliced carrots and salt - a vital part of the meal, explained by the chef: too much would be unpleasant, too little would stop the cabbage from pickling. The chef mixes the ingredients by hand, and transfers the mix into a pot once the juices from the cabbage begin to appear. Once in the pot, the chef pushes down the mixture by hand until more juice is produced. Once the juice appears, a plate is placed on top of the mix and weighed down with a heavy item - the example used is a jug of water. The chef explains how long the dish takes to make - three days - and how long it stays fresh in certain temperatures. Finally, the chef gives examples of serving suggestions, such as salads, pies, and soups, showcasing the variety of this practical, healthy and delicious traditional Eastern European dish.

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