How To: Pick and buy fresh asparagus at the grocery store

Pick and buy fresh asparagus at the grocery store

Sarah East from Grocery School gives a lesson on how to buy fresh asparagus. Look for straight, firm stalks with dark green or purple tips. It is best to choose stalks the same size so they will cook uniformly, though the size does not affect the flavor.

White asparagus is just asparagus that has not been in sunlight. The flavor is milder and it is a bit more tender. It also costs more.

After purchasing asparagus you should use it within two or three days. Wrap it in moist paper towels and store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Just before cooking, hold the spear by both ends and gently bend it, and it will snap in half near the base. Throw away the lower half and just use the top.

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