How To: Make vegan mashed potatoes w/ shiitake mushroom gravy

Make vegan mashed potatoes w/ shiitake mushroom gravy


Yukon Gold Potatoes

Real Salt Sea Salt

Pacific Soy Oatmeal Milk

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Shiitake Mushroom

White Onion

Coconut Oil

San-J Shoyu Sauce

Olive Oil

Crushed Rosemary

Nutritional Yeast

Corn Starch

Boil water. Peel and chop potatoes, then add to water. Boil until soft. Dice Shiitake mushroom. Dice onion. Mash the potatoes with oat milk and buttery spread. Stir fry mushroom and onion in coconut oil. Once browned, add water saved from potatoes. Add a liberal amount of shoyu sauce along with nutritional yeast. Add some olive oil, and then add crushed rosemary. Stir mixture and simmer. Taste. Add more ingredients as needed to taste. Thicken sauce with corn starch.

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