How To: Make vegan gluten-free samosa

Make vegan gluten-free samosa

This recipe from Hippy Gourmet demonstrates how to make gluten-free samosas. He peels some boiled russet potatoes. He then crumbles the potatoes and adds thawed frozen peas, coriander, cayenne, and turmeric. He mashes it up with his hands. He removes the seeds from a pomegranate by putting it in a bowl of water and letting the seeds float to the bottom. He mixes in the seeds along with some salt into the potato mixture. To make the dough, he uses gluten free garbanzo flour mixed with baking powder and salt. He adds water and oil and mixes the dough and kneads it. He presses the dough flat and puts a handful of filling on top and folds it over and over until the filling is mixed with the dough. He makes patties from the mixture and puts them into a hot solar oven and cooks them until they're brown. This is an interesting recipe that's vegan and gluten free.

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