How To: Make Thingming mushroom starters

Make Thingming mushroom starters

Join chef Sarabjit Singh of Side Wok in Malcha Marg, New Delhi, as he prepares a nice and tasty spicy starter dish. Learn how to make Thingming mushroom starters.

Cooking these exotic mushroom starters is not only easy, but well worth it come dinner time.

*200g Shredded black mushroom
*15g Shredded carrots
*15g Shredded green capsicum
*10g Bean sprouts
*100g Corn flour
*25g Ginger (chopped)
*10g Garlic (chopped)
*25ml Hoisin sauce
*3g Five spice Powder
*10ml Soya sauce
*15ml Red chilli paste
*50g Tomato ketchup
*A pinch of vegetarian aromat (in place of Aginomoto)
*2g sesame seeds
*Oil for frying

Coat shredded black mushroom with cornflour. Heat oil in a wok to a moderate temp.Crispy fry the corn flour coated black mushrooms. Saute ginger and garlic in a wok. Add five spice powder, chilli paste, hoisin sauce, soya sauce and tomato ketchup. Toss the crispy fried black mushrooms in this sauce till fully coated. And now add the sesame seeds with aromat. Serve hot garnished with sesame seeds.

Make Thingming mushroom starters

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