How To: Make tasty collard greens in 4 minutes

Make tasty collard greens in 4 minutes

Rebecca from OffWhiteLiving shows a quick, easy way to cook collard greens. First remove the ribs from the leaves and chop them into bite-size pieces. Heat some butter and olive oil in the skillet. The greens need to be cooked in some type of fat since they have a lot of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin K, which is an important anti-clotting vitamin. Not to mention it makes them tastier. Put the greens into the pan and coat them with the butter and oil. Keep the heat low. A little known fact about dark green vegetables is that they help to counter the desire for sweets.

Add some flavor to the greens with lemon juice, garlic and sea salt. Continue cooking slowly until they are nicely softened, not too wilted. These are great as a side dish, tossed with some chicken, or can be served over rice.

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