How To: Make shiitake "bacon" for vegetarians

Make shiitake "bacon" for vegetarians

A lot of vegetarians say that the only thing they miss about meat is bacon. There is a great solution by making shiitake mushroom "bacon".

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Great idea, I'll try it. However, the presenter's yappy, long-winded speech becomes really annoying. As well, we don't see clearly what the ingredients are or how much she's using in the video. I guess it's clear that she lacks patience (as she admits on camera) because she could have taken the time to make things clearer for her viewer (show, list, and describe the ingredients and utensils, etc., required), otherwise, what's the point of making this video?

Sounds yummy but not bacony. Shouldn't she have added something to give it a smoky flavor such as liquis smoke or marmite? And what about the sweet smell and taste of bacon? Still sounds yummy!

A) the 1990's called and they want that sweater back
B) You don't cook Bragg's Amino Acids because it kills the amino acids
C) Dear God, it's olive oil, soy sauce, and mushrooms. Why are you talking for 40 minutes?
D) Where did you steal this idea? You couldn't have thought of that yourself.

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