How To: Make roasted sweet potato fries

Make roasted sweet potato fries

The Kitchen Nut YouTube user shows all the steps needed for preparing roasted sweet potato fries, with various tips for getting better result.
Firstly, the potatoes are cut in long strips of equal size with a big kitchen knife. The skin is left on.
Next, the oven is set at 425 degrees (Fahrenheit) with convection turned on or 450 degrees conventional, with the purpose of preheating the oven.
Then, the seasoning is added on the potatoes: extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper. It is all mixed up and put on pan with oil on it. The pan is put in the preheated oven and left for 15 minutes.
The potatoes are ready when they slip off the fork if you stick them with it.
The meal is then ready to be served!

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