How To: Make raw "fried" mushrooms

Make raw "fried" mushrooms

Karen Knowler demonstrates how to make a quick and easy recipe called Fried Mushrooms in this video. This dish can be eaten as it is or topped with your salads. She takes in a generous quantity of mushrooms and slices them (obviously after they are washed!). Then olive oil is drizzled over the mushrooms and they are mixed well. Next, the juice of a whole fresh lemon is poured over the mushrooms with olive oil, to give an added taste. Next, she crushes two whole garlic pods and adds them in. The mixture is then tossed by hand to blend all the ingredients. This mix could be kept aside for a few hours to marinate. If you don't have the time, you may alternatively begin right away by placing the mushrooms evenly onto the dehydrator tray. Be sure to use some kind of non-stick paper to absorb the excess oil and not let it drip through the tray. Place the tray with the mushrooms in the dehydrator. Once done, the mushrooms become much smaller in size and appear dark in color Your delicious fried mushrooms are now ready to be served and enjoyed!

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