How To: Make Pirkiyan for Holi

Make Pirkiyan for Holi

This is a new type of sweet dish that tastes really good, created by a simple Indian women named Mrs. Uma Verma.


  • 500 gram fine flour
  • Refined or Desi Ghee for dough and fry
  • 500 gram sugar for sugar syrup
  • 7-10 Cardamom for sugar syrup


Make dough with the warm water (you can use warm milk in place of water) and warm refined. More info on how to make aata is available in my other video below.

After, roll up and make chapatti, which is nor thick neither thin. Cut it into squares, and make shapes of squares as in the video. Generally these shapes are the attraction point of kids.

Fry pirkiyan in Desi Ghee (for awesome taste) or you can fry it in refined too. After it, leave it for a day or in "hurry case" leave it for 3 to 4 hrs.

Make Sugar syrup as same as in the video, with Cardamom powder, and dip these pirkiyan in Sugar syrup.


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