How To: Make pickles & preserve vegetables for the winter

Make pickles & preserve vegetables for the winter

Pickles are a fantastic accompaniment to sandwiches and burgers or even just to munch on during a hot summer day, and now you can make your very own pickles at home. You can make your pickles more sour or sweet but they all use the same basic pickling process.

Things you'll need: 500 g or rice bran 125 g of salt 4 cups of water vegetables (like cucumber, radish, carrots, onion, cabbage, eggplant, bamboo shoot, tomato, potato, lettuce, ginger, etc.) Step 1 Place the rice bran in a clay pan and roast it a little. Step 2 Pour in salt and the water into to the rice bran. Mix it until the salt is melted. Step 3 Mix it until it reached a consistency that is like a moist sand. Add spices like garlic, sugar, pepper, or any spices that you like. Leave them for a week and it will turn into a damp sand that has a unique aroma. Step 4 Wash thorough the vegetables that you wanted to make a pickle of and it is recommended to let it dry for a day or two in a windy but shaded area to release some of the water content of these vegetables. Step 5 Bury the vegetables in the pickle bed for about two days. After two days you can take out the vegetables, wash them and you now have pickles ready to eat.

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