How To: Make perfect loaded baked potatoes

Make perfect loaded baked potatoes

In the above mentioned video Betty demonstrates the recipe of perfectly loaded baked potato. Firstly 2 large potatoes are taken, washed and dried spray sea salt. Then wrap the potatoes with foil paper and put it in oven at 400degrees C for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then take a bowl and in it 1/2 stick of margarine or butter is taken, followed by 1/2 sour cream which is then mixed with 1 cup of shredded cheese. All these ingredients are mixed well followed by 1 full cup of green onions are taken and well mixed. One of the potato that is in oven are taken out and unwrapped and put it in a serving dish seen whether it is soft or hard. If it is soft it is done then with the help of a fork its opened in a line and pressed from all the sides. Topping which is prepared is filled in the baked potato and serve hot.

It is easy to make, tasty and delicious perfect loaded baked potato. It is complete and healthy dish.

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