How To: Make delicious garlic ginger bok choy

Make delicious garlic ginger bok choy

This tutorial shows us how to fry bok choy, into a spicy, garlic, and ginger side dish. The entire cooking time is only about 2-5 minutes on high heat. First Preparing the bok choy, cut the leaves off the stalks then put the leaves to the side for now, this helps the stalks cook but not over cook the leaves. After the bok choy is chopped up and you stick everything in the pan (expect the leaves of the bok choy). After the vegetables are soft you add the flavor (garlic, red chili flake, and ginger) mix in sauté for 1 minute, then the bok choy leaves and toasted sesame oil, and soya sauce. The leaves are warmed properly when they look similar to cooked spinach, after that your done, you can plate it and serve as a spicy side dish.

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