How To: Make asparagus with ham, garlic and lemon

Make asparagus with ham, garlic and lemon

This video describes how to make an asparagus dish. First, a frying pan is put on the stove over medium high heat. Secondly, olive oil is added to the pan. Next, pieces of prosciutto ham; the speaker suggests that other types of ham will do just fine in this dish. After a couple minutes of cooking, the asparagus is added to the pan and rolled around to coat in oil. The asparagus is cooked for awhile before water is added and the dish is covered for one minute to steam. Afterwards, the lid is removed and sliced garlic is added to the pan. Next, the pan is recovered and allowed to continue cooking for another minute. The lid is then again removed and the dish is allowed to continue cooking until the asparagus is done. The asparagus, prosciutto, and garlic is removed and plated; the dish is completed by squeezing lemon juice on top.

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