How To: Make and cook a perfect baked potato

Make and cook a perfect baked potato

In cooking, making a perfect baked potato is one of the simplest and easiest dishes to prepare. Most of the people would chip the potato with a fork on its surface and cover with some silver foils and would keep in the oven. But, this should not be done as it could result in dump inside the potato when you cut it with knife. Instead of this keep the potatoes for 10-20 Minutes in an oven without foils, which could give you a better and soft layer inside the potato. But in need to get a crispy outside the potato, brush the potatoes mildly with oil and keep it 109 degree of heat. And after some time if you cut the potato it would produce a crackling sound and inside it the layers would be fluffy and nice, you can add some butter and cream inside the potato which gives a perfect taste. If you follow the steps in this video you'll be able to cook a baked potato dish in an easy way.

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