How To: Dice an onion easily and quickly

Dice an onion easily and quickly

How to dice Onions ( easily and quickly)

Kitchen Nuts videos shows us how to dice onions quickly and easily. Take the onion and cut off the root end side of it. Place the onion on a choping board with the cut end facing downwards, so as it lays flat on the surface and is easier to cut, now cut the onion into half from the hairy end by holding the onion with your palm, do not cut the hairy end. Take the half chopped onion and remove the dry skin and one layer of the onion. As per the demonstrator the outer layer of the onion is having marks and it should be removed. Take the other half and do the same.

Now take the onion and cut it slices leaving the hairy (root)section intact, make insertion leaving the root side, cut along the natural lines of the onion making small cuts. Now cut the onion into small pieces by slicing it perpendicular to the cuts made. You will get small dices of onion.

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