How To: Cut potatoes for cooking

Cut potatoes for cooking

This video describes how to cut potatoes in a variety of ways for cooking. Cutting potatoes can be tricky because the regular shape of a potato causes them to roll. To avoid this problem, just cut a sliver off the side of the potato to flatten the bottom. Then proceed to cut the potato in the way that you originally planned to. The video then goes on to explain how to make perfect French fries by cutting the potato a certain way. To do so, start by cutting off the side of the potato to give yourself a flat surface. Then square the potato by cutting it on all sides and the ends. The scraps that are left over can then be used for mashed potatoes. If you don't want French fries using the squared cut you can just cut the French fry shape and then cut those sticks into smaller squares to make southern-style hash browns.

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