How To: Cook collard greens with ham

Cook collard greens with ham

In an episode of Cooking with Dave, viewers are shown how to cook collard greens with ham! First, in a pot on medium high put a little olive oil and garlic in the bottom of the pan (about 2 teaspoons). Put a whole chopped onion to add flavor! Stir all ingredients in the pot so far. Before you can cook the collard greens you have to clean them in the sink using water and stripping the leaves from the stem (throwing away the stem). Wash the leaves in the sink in water, even ripping up the leaves if you want. After washing, put your collard greens right on top of the pan of oil, garlic and onions! Add a little salt to the top of the greens along with some pepper. Next, you can use broth or natural chicken juices along with a tin bit of hot water. You'll want to steam and not burn the collard greens when cooking. So just add chopped ham on the greens, but the lid on, cook at medium and continue to add water so the greens do not scorch. Cook and continue to mix in the ingredients. Cook the greens until they are tender and when the greens are a dark green color (this will take about 2 hours). Enjoy your yummy dish!

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