How To: Cook collard greens quickly

Cook collard greens quickly

In this video, Kemp Minifie, Executive Food Editor from Gourmet Magazine, explains a quick and easy way to cook collard greens. Southern style cooked greens are cooked for a long time. She is demonstrating the Brazilian method of cooking collard greens. She cuts the stem the long way down the middle and removes it. She stacks up the halves of the leaves and rolls them up starting from the short end, then slices them into long thin shreds. They shrink when they're cooked. She heats the pan over high heat and adds 3 tablespoons of olive oil and chopped garlic. She adds a pound and a half of collard greens in batches, adding more as they shrink up. Stir fry the greens and season them with salt. After about three minutes, they are done. This video shows a quick way to cook collard greens so they are tender and juicy.

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