How To: Cook an artichoke

Cook an artichoke

Victoria Walsh from Chatelaine TV will show you how to cook an artichoke in this very simple video. To begin you want to make sure to remove any dried leaves from the artichoke, and then proceed to clip the rough ends of the remaining leaves on the artichoke. Next, you want to cut the top off, and then cut the stem off leaving only about three quarters of an inch. Now, you want to prepare a boiling pot of water and let the artichokes stem in the pot to tender for 25-45mins. To check the tenderness of the artichokes all you need to do is take a knife a pierce the middle of the artichoke and you'll feel if it's tender or not. Lastly, to enjoy the artichoke just pull the leaves and dip them into a nice vinaigrette and that's it.

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