How To: Chop an onion without crying with a few tips

Chop an onion without crying with a few tips

In order to chop an onion without crying, you will need the following: a spoon, a cutting board, and an extremely sharp knife. Make sure that your knife is sharp. A sharp knife is essential. If it isn't sharp, you will need to sharpen it first. Turn the spoon upside down and place it on your tongue. Hold it in place, while you chop onions. Next, cut the onion in half. Peel the onion, but you will need the stem. So, don't remove it. Leave it attached to the onion. Then, slice the onion to the size that is appropriate for your recipe. Chop the onion with the stem attached, because it will lesson the likelihood of crying, and it will hold your onion together when you chop the onion.

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